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♥ POP5 ♥

TVXQ Fanart Community

♥ POP5 ♥ TVXQ Fanart Community
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All Members , Moderated
♥ TVXQ ♥ Fanart Community

♥ POP5 ♥


This community was created by kami_no_kami on May 23, 2009. This community serves the purpose of gathering all TVXQ fans alike to share their fanart or check out the fanart of fellow fans. This community gives no boundaries to arts; however, rules must be followed to keep the community in order. Artists to Non-Artists, Yaoi fans to Non-Yaoi fans, EVERYONE is welcome here.

1. BE RESPECTFUL! We should all be friends here. Insulting or Flaming of any kind will not be tolerated. If you are caught breaking a rule, you will be warned. You have 2 warnings and once it exceeds, you are banned.

2. pop5 is a TVXQ FANART community. Under fanart includes drawings, paintings, photo-manipulations, 3D movies, flash games or anything that you have made yourself using your artistic talents. Be sure that your artwork has TVXQ or is TVXQ themed.

Other material such as general fanwork should be posted in hug______; graphic icons and the like in rising__sun. If you have trouble, almost everything goes in dbsg.

3. pop5 is a community that follows the USA Film Rating Sytem. We have NR (no rating), G (all ages), PG (advised for 13+), NC-17 (advised for 17+), R (strictly 18+).

All NC-17 and R rated fanworks should have a warning within the entry. If there is no warning, you will receive an innocent message from one of our mods to add a warning.

4. The community may have material that is inappropriate for children which why it's a MEMBERS ONLY community. Please add pop5 as a friend to be able to see all the posted entries.

5. The pop5 team will assume that all artworks are your own. If it's not yours and the original artist is unknown, do NOT take the credit and leave the artist as unknown until it is claimed.

Any reports of illegal posting of liscenced or stolen artwork shall cause immediate ban of that member with no questions asked. We do not allow thieves in this community.

6. ALL FANART must be under an lj-cut to not give other members a hard time.

To put it under an lj-cut, (HTML view):

In the case you do not want to post it in pop5 but link it to your own LJ.

To put a link to your own journal or website, (HTML view):

7. We advise you NOT to change the COLOR, SIZE and FONT of the entry you will post in this community. We'd like to be as neat as possible.

8. Since all artworks are either under lj-cut or linked, PREVIEWS can be added.

Width min. is 100 pixels ; max. 300 pixels
Height min. is 100 pixels ; max. 150 pixels

100x100 & 300x150

9. All posts are required to be tagged! List of tags

10. Lastly, HAVE FUN! All we want is to have TVXQ fans enjoy looking at the wonderful art members have made for or about TVXQ!

We highly recommend this format you use in posting entries:

Artist:* (leave unknown if ever)
Rating:* (if confused, make it NA)
Focus/Pairings: (If applicable; Focus means single shot)
A/N: (Artist note)
Summary/Explanation: (If there is)
* = mandatory!

We highly recommend this format when adding the Subject in entries:

Subject: [rating] Title - Pairings
Example: [PG] Dancing - YooSu


kami_no_kami, o0yani0o, brokenaznange1 and lilli_lightning

If you have problems, feel free to send a message to the present mods. Don't be afraid because we don't bite! ♥

Layout CSS credit to milou_veronica