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04 June 2009 @ 10:23 pm
♥ POP5 ♥ Frequently Asked Questions  
If you have questions, please ask here. This is the FAQ Master Post


Q1. Why can't I see the posts inside pop5?
A2. Because you haven't joined pop5yet. This community is a MEMBERS ONLY community. Therefore, you need to join first.

Q2. How do I join this community?
A2. Please join by clicking "Join this community" above the webpage. It will take you to this page.

Be sure that you add us in your friends list to see if any of the other members have posted.

Q3. How do I post in the community?
A3. Once you are a member, just look at the top of the webpage and you will see "Post in this community." It will direct you to an entry making page. Be sure to follow recommended format.

Q4. Are there rules I have to follow?
A4. There are basic rules everyone has to understand. It's so that the community can stay in order and there won't be random and senseless posts. Read the rules here or here

Q5. I have a question I want to ask. Where do I ask?
A5. You can just comment to this entry. You can also contact any of our moderators.

Q6. Who is the creator of this community?
A6. kami_no_kami or Cami